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Online store system

E-commerce systems include online store content management systems (CMS), customer and management apps, online payments, online marketing systems, inventory management and automatic data collection systems to facilitate customer consumption and improve customer loyalty.

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Customer relationship management system

Customer Relation Management (CRM) allows companies to centrally process all customer details, understand the needs of existing and potential customers, and provide data for marketing analysis to increase sales.

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ERP System

The enterprise resource management system (ERP System) provides real-time resource management for various types of enterprises in Hong Kong and overseas through enterprise Internet resource connection, sharing and collaboration, such as financial accounting, procurement, supply chain, manufacturing, marketing, and human resources collaborative management. Catering to the management needs of enterprises of different sizes, helping enterprises improve operating efficiency and reduce management and business costs.

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Web platform development

Information platforms, real estate web pages or online education platforms, etc... We all have rich experience and a large number of cases. Through the information sharing platform, customers and users can exchange information, reduce information and communication costs, and promote transactions and volume.

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Sales invoice system

The order/sales invoice system has user/client file management, which can create, edit, delete order invoices, and sort by order status. If necessary, alert email reminders can be sent to the administrator and electronic files can be stored by type and category, and different files can be uploaded to the server and can be downloaded by the client.

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Restaurant self-service ordering system

Through our ordering system, customers can create restaurant menus on our platform and update them at any time. Generate a QR code so that restaurant guests can order food directly through their mobile phones. It has unlimited options and additional functions, allowing your restaurant to digitize and keep up with the times!

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Mobile APP development

Use technology vouchers to fund IOS App development and Android App development for customers. Cross-platform mobile applications can be applied for. We provide specialists according to the process to help you put all your inspiration into App design, and everything becomes possible.